Youth Wellbeing 2018

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In 2018…

We’re flipping the approach this year. We need to focus on what we can do, and how effective we will be. So this year:

“We will support wellbeing growth in young people in Tāmaki”

In 2018, our working group will be meeting monthly at The Peace Experiment, the Panmure Montessori High School (Corner of Pilkington Rd and Clifton Court, Panmure). The regular time will be Monday nights, every 2nd of the month, 7pm to 9pm.

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The key ideas that came out of our process from 2017, are now our focus for this year:

1. Create drop in spaces for youth to gather with support

2. One-one Mentoring for at risk youth with local adults

3. Survivors Group for whānau and friends directly impacted

4. Building new connections between local schools and community

5. Relevant suicide prevention and wellbeing education programmes available for all

6. Identifying best practice and evaluating our current practice as a community

7. Collect ‘our stories’ about experiencing mental unwellness

8. Creating social media campaigns focusing on themes of growing towards wellness


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Want more info? Here’s a one pager : Youth Wellbeing hand out sheet


We have secured $50k from The Vodafone Foundation and $10k from Pitch Local! We are so very thankful for these funds to be able to pilot some ideas over the next six months – April to September 2018.

We do need to secure additional funds to work on the sustainability of some of our ideas. If you have any opportunities available for us, we would be interested in connecting. Please contact Tara –


Part of our learning about how we can raise wellbeing with our young people, has included learning about risk factors and protective factors. They’re work like a seesaw. Some of us have more risk factors sometimes, and some of us have more protective factors sometimes. We need to keep balancing ourselves out.

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Thank you to Peter Thorburn for sharing this with us through a workshop run by The HEART Movement at Te Waipuna Puawai.


We’ll keep putting more information on this site as we progress in our work, if you have any information to add, make sure that it is evidence based, and we’ll pop it up as well. Just email Tara on