Here to do the Tāmaki Youth Wellbeing Index Test??

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Welcome to Tāmaki Online!

This site is dedicated to the community of Tāmaki. It provides an online community space for sharing information with each other. Check out our tabs at the top for different information.

First up, is our online community calendar. You will find local events and activities that are open to everyone.  If you’d like to know more about any of these events, click on it and more information should come up. If it doesn’t, it’s because one of the admins haven’t added enough detail! (Doh!) So just get in touch with us to ask!

We have several community peeps adding to this public calendar, if you’d like to add your own events, get in touch with one of the admins (contact details are here). If you’d like to become an admin, ask!

We have more and more stuff being added to this site all the time, so have a look around. Lovely to have you, make yourself at home.

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